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You are loved! Let Robo Friend tell you how many ways you are AWESOME!

Change the voice you hear with the "Voice Selector" below!

Let Robo Friend change your mood! Boost your morale and self-esteem!
It's easy to let Robo Friend turn your day from bad to good!
Robo Friend can massage your brain into enhancing your mood, for the betterment of yourself and those around you!

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You need to hear this positive feedback!
Or write your own messages to listen to!

Psychologists call it "Self-Talk"!
Positive feed back from yourself or others around you can affect your mood, your enjoyment of daily life, and your job efficiency!

Have you ever had a bad day at work? Or maybe school is getting your down! Are the kids driving you nuts?

Maybe you just need to hear a little something about yourself that is positive and uplifting!

PLUS, get self-help "Self-Talk" on topics like Weight Loss, Quitting Smoking or Drinking, Becoming a Better Artist, Musician, or Athelete!

Robo Friend will make you feel better as you listen to the positive messages about you!

You are loved and appreciated more than you know.

Listen as Robo Friend reminds you of just how special and cherished you are to those around you!

Level Three even lets you type in your very own message, and Robo Friend will read it back to you with any voice you select!

Pick from three "session" lengths to have Robo Friend fill your heart and mind with good thoughts and warm feelings! Start becoming the person you want to be today! It's fun!

Read the next column to see just how fast and easy it is to get Robo Friend soothing your nerves and getting your smile beaming from ear to ear!

Level Three of Robo Friend Sessions, you will type in ANY message you would like Robo Friend to read back to you! Be creative, be fun, be wild and crazy! Use your imagination! It's fun at parties and with couples! You gotta try it! It's hysterical!

In the "Level Three" Sessions, use the textarea to type in anything you want to hear!

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Step 1. After you make your payment through PayPal, (with credit card or PayPal), you will be taken to a page where you will see a button to continue your Robo Friend session!

Step 2. Select the voice you want to hear!
You can change voices at anytime; as often as you like! You can hear all the voices the operating system on your computer or mobile device has to offer. (NOTE: Some operating systems have several voices, others have fewer.)

Step 3. Select the compliments you want to hear!
Listen as Robo Friend tells you wonderful things about yourself to make your day brighter and more fun!

The Level Three section even lets you type in your very own message, and Robo Friend will read it back to you with any voice you select!

Choose from differnt categories of messages such as "Universal", "Artistic", "Stop Smoking", "Sports", and "Weight Loss"!

Try it now!

Select a voice below and listen to the "Voice Message" with the button below!

Once inside, you can even change the rate of speech from Slow, to Normal, to Fast!

Turn up your sound!

"Voice Selector"

Try different voices!
Imagine Robo Friend reading back any message you type into the text area in the "Level Three" Sessions!

Get Robo Friend now!

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